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Break Me Down

by Joline Baylis

The debut release from Canadian indie folk-rock artist Joline Baylis. Fresh, haunting, and profoundly honest, "Break Me Down" explores the complexities of love and connection, the upheaval of change and rebirth, and the beauty of enduring optimism.

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Joline Baylis is a Vancouver based singer-songwriter poised to take her music far beyond the city that has shaped her. With a voice reminiscent of Eva Cassidy and Ani Difranco, she offers impeccably crafted indie folk-rock - fresh, haunting, and profoundly honest.

In the five years Joline has been performing in Vancouver, she has crafted an intimate and powerful solo show, reaching new depths with the addition of her world-class band. For her debut release, “Break Me Down,” Joline has gathered some of Vancouver's finest, including Dan Mangan + Blacksmith's Kenton Loewen and Tyson Naylor, Paul Pigat (Neko Case), and Wynston Minckler (Aerialists, Emily Millard). The result is an album that feels slightly nostalgic, with echoes of classic rock and laid-back country, while the band plays with a chemistry and inventiveness that yield something altogether new.

Joline has played in local venues such as The Media Club, The China Cloud, The Railway Club and The Backstage Lounge, as well as festivals around BC, including Arts Wells, Tiny Lights, Music on the Mountain and Harmony Arts Festival. Touring throughout BC and Alberta, she has gathered a loyal following wherever she performs.

She has also busked extensively for the past four years, in beautiful and scenic locations throughout Vancouver. Joline brings her captivating live show to the unsuspecting masses by approaching busking as another chance to deliver a powerful performance, striving to create intimacy in an unlikely setting.

Joline's music explores the complexities of love and connection, the upheaval of change and rebirth, and the strength of enduring optimism.