Mama's Got A Brand New... Website!

Welcome to my new online home!

This is an open invitation to you to join in the adventure as I set out to see where music will take me. So many of you have supported and encouraged me along the way so far, and I have created this space as a way to keep you close, to share my experiences with you, and to hear your thoughts and feedback as well!

What you'll find here:

  • Tour dates and information on new releases
  • Glimpses behind-the-scenes at shows and in the studio
  • Stories behind some of my songs, as well as tutorials on how to play them
  • Features and interviews with industry professionals and artists I admire
  • Reviews of albums, shows, festivals, venues, gear, etc.
  • Essays, reflections, what I've learned about developing a career in music
  • An unapologetic number of pictures of this little monkey...

I hope you'll join me, take a look around, and feel free to comment, get involved, and add to the discussion. I look forward to sharing this next chapter with you!

xo Joline